La Casa Cardinal Piazza, located in two famous palaces of the Venetian aristocrats Minelli and Contarini, offers to individuals and organized groups a family environment for a short stay in Venice, to experience moments of Christian spirituality (it is better known as the Spiritual Exercises house, also of ecumenical character) and to visit the wonderful and numerous churches, splendid palaces and the rich array of art museums in the city of Venice.

La Casa Cardinal Piazza carries out its activities within the Worship Foundation “Opera Fides Intrepida”. We can offer the following services:

  1. Accommodation for students with the opportunity to stay in the Casa Cardinal Piazza.
  2. Meeting rooms of various sizes for courses, study days and training events, conferences and meetings of ecumenical character and a chapel in Minelli Spada Palace.
  3. Accommodation for the elderly living alone, which occupy the Contarini dal Zaffo Palace.
  4. Hospitality to diocesan and extra diocesans priests in Casa Cardinal Piazza.

Casa Cardinal Piazza has 24 rooms available with bathrooms, air conditioning and Wi-Fi service.