Casa Cardinal Piazza

The Worship Foundation “Opera Fides Intrepida” better known as Casa Cardinal Piazza was founded in November 1962, when Cardinal Giovanni Urbani was the Patriarch of Venice. Since its beginning, it was decided that the adjacent Minelli and Contarini palaces would provide hospitality that included meditation and spiritual activities for people of different nationalities wishing to stay in Venice.

Contarini Palace “Care Home for the elderly” is well known in Venice for providing services to older people. La Casa di Soggiorno per Anziani is in a high class central residential home with a friendly atmosphere and socialization, in a word “familiarity”, which maintains and develops a personal and human relationship with and among the guests. This private residential includes 34 rooms, all with private facilities, an adequate space for lunch and own initiative. A place where , from time to time, activities are implemented in the interests of our guests.

Minelli Palace – inside of it there are elderly Priests, Nuns and Religious people. The north wing of Minelli’s palace, there you could find the “Casa per Vacanze” Cardinal Piazza, an accommodation that includes 24 rooms, all with private facilities, air conditioning and Wi-Fi service. For meeting or conferences activities are available several rooms of various sizes, a dining hall for large groups and a magnificent garden.

Inside of it, there is a charming chapel enriched with a beautiful altar, dated about 1525 by the famous sculptor, Gianmaria Mosca. This work, originally intended for the Convent of the Virgin Church in Venice, was discovered by Anne Markham Schulz, a board member of Venetian Heritage.

Casa Cardinal Piazza is a perfect location for study, spiritual exercises and retreats, experiences of communal and monastic life, religious assistance as courses of preparation for the Holy Communion, Confirmation and Marriage, international ecumenical commissions, assemblies of religious orders and congregations, as well as a perfect place for Birthday’s Celebration, Graduation Ceremony or Marriage vows.